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Optimise your code with visual studio's profiler - Lachlan Barclay

When code is running slow, most people start guessing at what the problem is, based on their previous experience. The problem is it's so easy to be wrong, and you can waste a huge amount of time fixing the wrong stuff! So how do you take the guesswork out and start making measurable differences? Visual Studio's profiler is a killer tool for working out what's slow. This workshop will cover the profiler extensively and give you the tools to make huge performance improvements to your app.

Porting your ASP.NET app from framework to core - Lachlan Barclay

Do you have a framework application that you want to move to dotnet core? Does it seem like a massive, difficult and error-prone undertaking? Let’s discuss techniques for porting your application, taking small steps at a time, to reduce risk and end up with all the new dotnet core goodness.